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Attorneys who bring the experience, ethics and excellence to get the results you deserve.


The dedicated attorneys of Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers Ltd. are committed to their clients, bringing the experience, ethics and excellence to get the results you deserve.

“Following my accident, I didn’t know whom to trust. After meeting with Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers Ltd., I knew I had found the right firm. I was able to focus on getting better and leave the legal wrangling to them. Mark and his team were empathetic, compassionate, accessible, and kept us informed every step of the way. I felt that it was a true partnership, and I was not just another client. For that I will always be grateful.”

Amberleigh S.

“I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Mark Kitrick became my shield, my protection against all the bad things that were going on around me…I had no business navigating the legal process on my own. Working with Mark was the best decision I ever made. He is awe-inspiring, because he is just so good at what he does.”

“…If you’re going through a personal injury accident, hire the right attorney – one from Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers Ltd. – and then pay attention to what he says. From the outset, he will be ready to go to war for you.”

Alex N.

“Mark Lewis is amazing. He is the very antithesis of what your perception of a lawyer may be. He is kind and understanding, and he listens to your concerns. He seems to anticipate what you need to know, and then explains it in terms you can understand. I don’t believe any other law firm, or any other lawyer, could have handled my cases so successfully. I think I received far more compensation than I would have with anyone else.”

Andrea D.

“Mark and his team were with me every step of the way. I do believe God puts people in our lives in the professions we need them to be in and that person was Mark Kitrick. The accident that took my husband changed every aspect of my life. Until something like this happens, you have no idea the emotional toll it will take, as well as the economical and legal ramifications that result from such a sudden, violent incident.”
Pam M.


As recognized leaders in personal injury and consumer protection law, we vigorously and honestly represent our clients, and deliver the results you deserve.


Our attorneys have over a century of accumulated knowledge and recognized leadership in personal injury law, consumer class actions, legal ethics, and commercial litigation. Our numerous peer awarded recognitions and our client track records speak for themselves.


We cannot make guarantees about the results we can obtain in any particular case but we can guarantee that every attorney with Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers Ltd. strives to reach the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, integrity, confidentiality, loyalty, and overall respect for our clients and their needs. 


Excellence means making each and every case a priority, no exceptions.  That means we make ourselves available when you need us. We take the time to explain your legal options and help you make informed decisions. Your interests always come first.