Ohio Gas Explosion Attorneys

Gas Explosions

gas explosion occurs when a gas leak combines with an ignition source. Often, there is little or no warning before these catastrophic incidents. Victims in the vicinity can suffer devastating and catastrophic injuries, including thermal burns that are often fatal.

Workplace Explosions

Gas explosions that occur in the workplace are more typical in industrial or agricultural settings. Too often a workplace explosion is the result of a code violation or poor safety practices.

If a workplace explosion has hurt you or a family member, it’s important to have experienced legal counsel to ensure your rights. Even if you have workers’ compensation, the system is complex and you need a reliable advocate to fight for you. At Ohio Personal Injury Lawyers
, we have successfully represented victims in large gas explosions and know how to manage these cases so you are fairly compensated.

Residential Gas Explosions

Our homes are not immune to dangerous gas explosions. Natural gas and gas grills are usually the biggest causes of residential gas explosions

Propane, butane and ethane are all gases that can be used in the home as sources of energy for cooktops, furnaces, water heaters and generators. If a product is defective, any of these can pose a real risk.

Our attorneys can help determine who is liable for an explosion and any injuries sustained. In many cases, a third party is responsible. For example, the fault could lie with the gas company, a service provider or an appliance manufacturer. Determining negligence can be complex as well. It’s why you need our attorneys on your side, to deliver compassionate counsel and remarkable results.

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